Ever since I was little, I have loved art. Springing from early passion, I studied graphic design as a studio art at Bradley University from 2016 to 2020, obtaining minors in marketing and art history, lasting friendships, and an acquired taste and skill for sculpting with hot metals.

Since then, I have had opportunities to work with large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. I've honed my skills in Adobe Creative Cloud programs (Illustrator is my favorite!) and have taken it upon myself to learn After Effects and Web Design (How am I doing?) in my free time.

Outside of work, I enjoy staying active and connected with the natural world around me. Weightlifting, hiking, rock climbing, and yoga are my top hobbies, and I aim to be a positive and uplifting force and influence in the environments and spaces that I participate in.

I draw creative and personal inspiration from characteristics based in the four classical elements of fire (whose imagery my logo is based upon), water, earth, and air.