Hotel Riverbank is a small-town hotel located by the Illinois River in Henry, Illinois. A popular stay for fishermen, visitors, and annual participants in the HLC Kayak Jaunt, Hotel Riverbank is a newly renovated hotel that came to Owens Design Group for branding and marketing. I was tasked with designing a logo to be used across multiple forms of media, from websites and digital platforms to apparel and signage. More recently, I worked with the hotel again to design door hangers and gift certificates. These materials have not been printed yet: photographs will be upgraded beyond mockups after their production.

Color choice was very important for this job: I wanted to use colors assosciated with water that weren't the typical blues found in many types of marketing (and let's be honest, the Illinois River isn't exactly crystal-clear). The chosen colors not only help welcome guests to take a rest, they compliment the palette of the riverscape.

a collage of color variations of the Hotel Riverbank logo a collage of color variations of the Hotel Riverbank logo 3 color Hotel Riverbank logo 2 color Hotel Riverbank logo 1 color Hotel Riverbank logo