SmokinGhost is a local BBQ sauce brand that began in the humble concession stand of a local high school that has gone on to become a 15 time national flavor champion. The owner entrusts all of his design needs to Owens Design Group, and of those needs, I handle packaging and marketing materials. For this particular project, the owner wanted to have a collection of his different flavors in a high-quality box that could be given as a gift for the aspiring, proven, or self-proclaimed Grill Master. Constructed of heavy card and featuring dark, charcoal imagery, the final product is sure to stand out on shelves and be a best seller. Winning an award for bbq product packaging at one of many competitions, the SmokinGhost gift box speaks for itself: it's spooky how good it is ;)

drizzle dab box unfolded award winning BBQ sauce gift box